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LionSTEEL M7 CVG Green Canvas Handle Knife - Sleipner Tool Steel + Kydex Sheath

LionSTEEL M7 CVG Green Canvas Handle Knife - Sleipner Tool Steel + Kydex Sheath

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LionSTEEL Model M7 CVG Green Canvas Handle Fixed Blade Knife - Sleipner Tool Steel + Kydex Sheath - New In Box

Info & Specs from LionSteel:

Features of the M7 knife by lionSTEEL

The biggest of lionSTEEL outdoor knives. Its large dimensions and extreme handiness allow a strong resistance to the most dissimilar camp uses, including chopping and batoning. It is a knife with a Micarta handle made with SOLID® knife technology.

it has a SOLID® handle, obtained by 4-axis milling of a single Micarta piece, which allows for a safe and firm grip, while ensuring the maximum robustness.

it features a Slepiner steel blade, which makes it resistent to havy use and easy to sharpen, which is available either satin-finished or black

The M7 is supplied with a Kydex sheath with a Cordura lining, and a belt loop joined using the MOLLE system for a firm and easy wearability.

The sporting knife to cut branches and deal with challenging excursions

Designed by Molletta to answer the need to cut out tree branches during a challenging excursion. For this reason, the weight is mostly distributed on the blade.

Its dimensions, weight and handiness are optimized to make it the ideal companion for every outdoor activity.

M7 Satin-finished blade by lionSTEEL, technical specifications

Total length: 315 mm. - 12.40 in.

Blade length: 180 mm. - 7.09 in.

Blade thickness: 5.5 mm. - 0.22 in.

Total weight: 407 gr. - 14.36 oz.

Blade steel: Sleipner steel

Blade finish: Satin finished

Handle material: Green Canvas

Sheath: Cordura + Kydex - MOLLE System

Packaging: Cardboard box

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