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LionSTEEL M2M GBK Knife - Black G10 Handle - M390 Steel Blade + Leather Sheath

LionSTEEL M2M GBK Knife - Black G10 Handle - M390 Steel Blade + Leather Sheath

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LionSTEEL M2M ST Knife - Santos Wood Handle - M390 Steel Blade + Leather Sheath

Model M2M GBK - G10 Handle - New In Box

Info & Specs from LionSTEEL:

M2M is the fixed blade knife, evolution of the older brother M2, it features a longer handle in order to have a better grip when using the knife throughout different works. At the same time the handle scales have been 3D milled in order to have a more ergonomic shape.

The blade is built out of M390 sintered steel and satin finished. The sharp cornered extended tang can be scraped against the fire striker steel rod, so that it generates the sparks needed to light the fire. For the final user it is safer to proceed in this way, since the knife can be held when inside the sheath, so there’s no risk to slip to the edge of the blade.

The leather sheath is stronger and more flexible, it has been improved with a double seam and adding two removable leather straps with screws. In this way the designated holster allows whether vertical or horizontal carry, also on M.O.L.L.E. systems, in various positions and solutions.

Total length: 203 mm. - 7.99 in.

Blade length: 90 mm. - 3.54 in.

Blade thickness: 4 mm. - 0.16 in.

Total weight: 168 gr. - 5.93 oz.

Blade steel: M390 sintered steel

Blade finish: Satin finished

Sheath: Leather with double seam

Packaging: Cardboard box

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