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Humangear Capcap Green Gray Water Bottle Cap

Humangear Capcap Green Gray Water Bottle Cap


The capCAP is a 2-in-1 accessory cap that works with all major wide mouth bottles including Nalgene, Cyclone, Camelbak, and many others. A small spout affords splash-free drinking, while the large cap permits easy bottle cleaning and filling with ice. The new version of the capCAP has some great new features, including a rubberized grip on both caps and a "Cap Keeper" notch on the strap that holds the small cap out of the way when drinking. The newly redesigned cap-bottle interface is now compatible with popular stainless steel water bottles from HydroFlask, Klean Kanteen, and others. (This item is the cap only, water bottle is pictured for reference.)

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