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Hultafors Expedition Knife

Hultafors Expedition Knife


A dependable Swedish-designed survival knife made to dispatch any tough task faced along the journey. A 4-inch Japanese carbon steel blade has been hardened to 58–60 HRC and sharpened in several steps with attention paid to the grinding, honing, and stropping. Featuring a Scandinavian flat grind for superior sharpness, versatility, and easy maintenance. The 0.12-inch thick blade stands up to bending and striking for everyday use, without being unwieldy. The steep front curve on the blade tip provides additional strength for puncturing, and also makes it easy to perform push and pull cuts for carving. The spine of the blade can be used with a fire starter. The handle is designed to fill out the hand properly with a large finger guard to prevent slipping. Constructed from modified Polypropylene plastic (PP) with excellent impact and cold resistance, and a Santoprene grip for long-term performance where the friction actually gets better with each use. Includes a durable PP plastic sheath with a hardwearing textile belt loop that accommodates belts up to 3-inches wide, and equipped with a pocket to add a fire starter.

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