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Helle Knives - Wabakimi Knife - Sleipner Steel - Norway Made + Leather Sheath

Helle Knives - Wabakimi Knife - Sleipner Steel - Norway Made + Leather Sheath

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Helle Knives - Wabakimi Knife - Sleipner Steel - Norway Made + Leather Sheath

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Info & Specs:

Designed by survival expert Les Stroud and built like a tank. The Wabakimi is the perfect knife to relaunch with the new tool steel in our lineup: Sleipner.

Sleipner is a high-alloy tool steel developed by Uddeholm that offers a good balance between toughness and edge retention. As such it fits well in a small knife that will see a lot of use for a variety of purposes. 

The Wabakimi is such a knife. Developed as the last of our line of knives with Les Stroud, it combines the knowledge of knife use of a true outdoorsman and the history and craftsmanship in the Helle team to make a knife that is short and stocky in the best of ways. 

The Wabakimi comes with a half-full tang construction, where the blade steel is visible all along the spine of the handle, but not towards the fingers. This makes the knife better to use in the cold climates in the far north. It also gives the knife extra strength, thanks to the thick and solid construction from the full length tang. The spine works well as a striker for ferro rods.

The rich birch handle is hand sanded to its final shape and given a beautiful satin finish. The smooth and rounded shape makes it a perfect tool for long and hard work, without giving any hotspots. The tang is held in place by two thick brass rivets and a pipe rivet in the back. 

The knife comes in a classic leather sheath for belt carry. 

As a tool steel knife, the knife will rust if exposed to water or humidity over time. Wipe down and re-oil after use. 


Weight: 135 g / 4.76 oz

Blade material: Uddeholm Sleipner

Blade thickness: 3.1 mm / 0.122 inch

Blade length: 80 mm / 3.14 inches

Blade construction: Full tang (Full length and ¾ wide)

Handle material: Curly birch

Handle length: 115 mm / 4.51 inches

Sheath material: Genuine leather

Design by: Les Stroud & Helle

Design year: 2018/2023

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