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Helle Knives - Spire Knife - Norway Made - Wood Handle + Leather Sheath

Helle Knives - Spire Knife - Norway Made - Wood Handle + Leather Sheath

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Helle Knives - Spire Knife - New & Authentic - Authorized Dealer

Info & Specs on the Spire knife provided by Helle:

The Spire knife is small and has a blunt tip, it still has a point to make. The spire knife embodies all the classic features of a full-grown knife in a small package. Designed with the intention to be used by a new generation of outdoorsmen and women. This knife quickly became a favorite in the Helle design team for it functionality and EDC size.

The shape and well-proportioned handle is shaped to fit smaller hands as a full grip, and at the same time it works really well as a three finger grip for grown-ups. So, in the end it became a small and sturdy knife suitable for beginners, (and kids – when accompanied by grown-ups) and at the same time real knife that you can enjoy and grow with. 

The Spire has 12C27 Sandvik steel scandi grind blade with a blunt tip for safety reasons, suitable for a beginner. Yet is became a favorite in the test team as a tool to have around all day. 


Model Name:                    Spire

Blade material:                   Sandvik 12C27

Blade thickness:                 2.6 mm

Blade length:                      67 mm

Blade construction:           Stick tang

Handle:                               Dark colored Birch

Handle length:                   88 mm

Sheath:                               Natural color of high-quality leather

Design by:                          Helle team

Design year:                       2021

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