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Helle Knives Arv Knife - Birch Wood Handle - Leather Sheath - Made in Norway

Helle Knives Arv Knife - Birch Wood Handle - Leather Sheath - Made in Norway

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Helle Knives - Arv Knife - New In Box & Authentic - Authorized Dealer

Info & Specs on this knife:

The Arv knife is worthy of its name and heritage. In Norwegian, the name means inheritance – truly appropriate for a treasured item to be passed down for generations. Just like the methods used in its making.

Arv is a versatile, lifelong companion that will handle cutting tasks with ease. This heritage knife has a medium size handle made from carefully selected curly birch stacked together with leather and staghorn. Shaped by hand to a smooth finish suitable for small to medium size hands.

The knife has a small but distinct finger guard and a medium size blade of the finest triple laminated Helle steel. Shaped with a scandi edge and sharpened by hand to a razor-sharp edge.

Each knife comes with a Nordic style sheath made from genuine high quality leather with a belt loop for secure carry. It is small enough for those who like to carry the knife in a strap like a neck-knife.


Model Name: Arv

Weight: 88 g

Blade material: Triple Laminated Helle steel, stainless

Blade thickness: 2.6 mm

Blade length: 87 mm

Blade construction: Stick tang

Handle material: Curly birch, staghorn and leather

Handle length: 104 mm

Sheath material: Genuine leather

Design by: Helle Design

Design year: 2016

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