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Helle Fire Knife
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Helle Fire Knife


The Fire was the first full tang knife produced in the Helle Factory. The blade is our triple laminated stainless steel to give an extraordinary edge. The one piece handle on Fire wraps around the lower part of the tang leaving it only visible on the upper surface of the handle. This protects your fingers when used in cold weather. The stout balde has the typical working shape of farm and shipboard knives. The sheath has a snap style retaining strap and comes with a belt loop. Name: Fire. Weight: 122 g. Blade material: Triple laminated stainless steel. Blade thickness: 3.1 mm. Blade length: 68 mm. Handle material: Curly birch. Handle length: 127 mm. Sheath material: Genuine leather. Sheath weight: 40 g. Design: Hareide Des.Mill. Year: 2004. Art. no: 190.

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