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Extrema Ratio Ontos Knife
Extrema Ratio Knives

Extrema Ratio Ontos Knife


From the Greek language, the "thing" is a field knife, solid and heavy but still compact. 12" overall. 6 1/2" black finish N690 stainless cobalt steel blade with sawback section. Black Forprene handle. OD green MOLLE. compatible nylon side sheath. A survival kit is carried in a pocket which is fastened to the nylon sheath by a MOLLE. system, making the Ontos a true survival tool. Survival kit contains: Water bag; Nylon cord; Button compass; Candle, Flint & Striker; Fishing kit; Mini multi-tool; Matches; Sewing kit; Water purification tablets; Single edge razor; Mayday mirror; Whistle; Snare wire; Wire saw; Pencil and Survival instructions. A fluorescent stick (lasting for 12 hours) and a diamond sharpener are also included.

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