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DPX HEFT 4 Milspec DPHFX010 Knife
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DPX HEFT 4 Milspec DPHFX010 Knife


(Hostile Environment Fighting Tool). 9" overall. 4" German Niolox stainless blade with stonewash finish. The spine of the blade features three sizes of wire strippers that serve as jimping. The knife has a lanyard hole and lashing points, and an integrated striker and pry bar on the pommel. Full tang. Contoured black G-10 handles. The hollow handles are designed for storing survival materials like a fire starter or water purification tablets. The scales are attached with two slotted Allen screws. The handle also has a 1/4" magnetized hex driver near the pommel. Black Cordura belt sheath with utility pocket. Designed by Tommaso Rumici with input from Robert Young Pelton.

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